how to become instagram influencer in 2020

how to become Instagram influencer

If you follow social media, then you will surely remember. Russian photographer Murad Usman and his girlfriend Natalia Zakharova called as Instagram’s favorite couple became famous all over the world a few years ago through this photo series called ‘Follow Me Too’ on Instagram. Both of them shared a lot of praise in different countries by taking such pictures. These pictures, narrating the story of this couple in a simple but beautiful way, gave a whole new dimension to the photography and concept of ‘Travel and Relationship Goal‘ on Instagram and encouraged millions of people to post good pictures on Instagram.

how to become instagram influencer in 2020

According to statistics, around 1 billion people use Instagram worldwide. In this sense, Instagram is the third most popular social media platform in the world. Obviously, every user who is on Instagram is an Instagram influencer. But what makes this special and different is Instagram influencer, which makes them a favorite of millions of people? So let’s know some of the things about Instagram influencers that make their photographs and travel story so special that they become popular overnight. lets see how to become an Instagram influencer in 2020.

Instagram travel influencer

In this era of social media, Instagram influencer are playing a very important role in growing the travel and tourism industry all over the world. In such a situation, which every Instagram influencer confesses is the importance of a good network. Because only with the help of a good network, Instagrammers are able to plan their travel destination and small things related to it. Be it the choice of destination, travel mode and ticket booking, the choice of hotel or resort to stay, site seeing, restaurants, shopping – smart travel influencers for everything, sites and apps work only by searching. And if they are abroad, instead of getting caught in the free Wi-Fi affair, they already have international roaming active. Because they do not know when they find something that they want to share with their followers.

Take beautiful pictures around the world

Instagram is predominantly a photo-sharing media, which is why it is obviously the first condition to attract people here such pictures, which are not only beautiful but also different from others. For this purpose, they resort to good cameras, tripods, photographers and choose the location very carefully so that they can take good pictures with different angles. Also, travel influencers make their photos more beautiful with the help of many online photo editing tools and apps and post them with attractive captions.

rule of third

Composition is very important in photography. It decides what things will be arranged in the photo. The Rule of Thirds will help you take better shots.The photo is divided into 9 equal parts under rule of third and your subject is in the square of the side of the grid rather than in the middle. This creates more dramaticness and interest in your photo. In addition, most smartphones have a grid setting that you can activate. You don’t have to imagine the lines on your screen.

Try photography in natural lighting

Good lighting can make or break your photo easily. Natural light is always helpful in taking good photos. When you are taking a photo of a subject, keep it in the shadow towards the light. You will find that your subject and backdrop will be equally illuminated and your photo will look great. If you are taking a photo inside the house, then sit near the window where the natural light is coming. Natural light is better than most flash.

best Instagram filters

Remember, “less is more.” Sometimes using best Instagram filters creates great photos, but it is not always necessary to use filters and if you are using filters, avoid misuse. Strong filters on your photo can ruin the natural light. Also, keep in mind that when selecting the best Instagram filters make sure that they match the rest of the photos in your Instagram feed.

Focus on one thing

Your photo should focus on only one object. Everything else should go to the background. If your photos have the same focus on many things, then the photo looks disorganized.

Follow the latest fashion trends

Most social media influencers do the same thing that we all do. Just their way of working is different from common users. He remains connected to his followers even when he is on vacation and Instagram influencers share their experiences with their followers through their photos. That is why it is very important that this experience should be such that it encourages other users as well. Wherever they go, they record everything – whether in the picture or in the video. Then whether it is a place, people, food, shopping – almost everything they bring to the people in a beautiful way. And this is what makes them and their posts completely different from the posts of common users.

how to become instagram influencer in 2020

how to become Instagram influencer in 2020

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