PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update: new features will be available from death race mode to new maps

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PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update: new features will be available from death race mode to new maps

The popular Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile has released a patch note for its upcoming 0.16.0 update. This new update will be made available from today. In this, new snow mode will be introduced, including Death Race Mode ie RageGear. The size of this update is 0.67 GB. It will be made available for Android and iOS users only. With this update, users will be given 50 silver coins, 2888 BP and 3-day winter dress as rewards. These rewards will be available only when you update it before December 17.

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These will be new features in PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 update:

RageGear: Players will be divided into two teams and randomly selected drivers or shooters. Players must destroy the vehicles of others. Every vehicle will come with a powerful weapon. The driver will be able to drive the weapon while driving the vehicle. Three modes will be provided in this.

The first will be TDM mode. In this, 1 point will be given for destroying the vehicle of others. The team that achieves the target score first will win.

Another is Pick Up mode. In this, the team will have to collect the required crates points. The one who does this work first will win. If the player’s own vehicle is destroyed in the meantime, then the point crates will also end.

The third will be classic mode. In this mode players will get a chance to go to Snow Paradise. This will allow cable cars to run and play on Snow Mountains.

EvoGround – Loadout: In this, the team will be able to enter the players armory system through the deathmatch selection screen. Also you will be able to access the inventory screen. Can easily switch loadouts. It will have many weapons which you will be able to use.

Apart from this, many other features will also be made available.

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