These 4 new features will be offered on WhatsApp including Payment with Dark Mode

These 4 new features will be offered on WhatsApp including Payment with Dark Mode


The Instant Messaging App { WhatsApp } is preparing to launch many new features to improve. The company is going to launch 4 new features on its platform soon. If the popularity of the app is concerned, its users have become more than 1.5 billion. It includes features such as online mode with dark mode and money transactions. User Experience will double this feature.

4 new features of WhatsApp:

Dark Mode: Users will have less strain on the eyes after turning on Dark mode on WhatsApp. This mode will work more in the night. Under this feature, the phone battery will also less usable. At present, this facility has not been made available on the company’s platform. But soon it is being reported that it is available on the platform.
Online status Hide: The company is set to launch a new feature on its platform soon, through which users will be able to hide their online status. Through this feature, people will be able to have full control over their last scene, read and receipt status.

Photo Size: Users on WhatsApp share photos with their friends. Photo sharing on this automatically reduces the resolution of the photo, which reduces the quality of the photo. To get rid of this problem, it will be possible to reduce the resolution without having to share large sized photos.

WhatsApp Pay: By July this year, users can contact the Reserve Bank Offer India to meet the need to store payment data in India and get fresh approvals. RBI had issued a circular on April 6, 2018 saying that all system providers have to store data related to payment system in India, which should have full end-to-end transaction details. According to reports, WhatsApp will contact RBI in July. Prior to this, they will meet the need to store user’s payment data in India. After this the company can launch this service in India.

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