Apple has Launched New iOS 13 Checkout 11 New Cool Features

Apple has Launched New iOS 13; 11 new features, including Dark Mode, Video Editing Tools

Apple has Launched New iOS 13
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  • Users will have the facility of importing files from SD card.
  • Swiping keyboard included in the new operating system.
  • Location service can be used to prevent repeated pings while using a gadget desk.

Apple has announced the launch of OS13 for the new OS 6, TV for Apple Watch, on the first day of its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019, iOS 13, new iPadOS, Apple Watch. iOS 13 is equipped with many new and high tech features. Updates to the new operating system iOS 13 are available in Din Devices, including iPhones 6S and above devices. I.e. users using iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 will not get updates.

Apple Launches New iOS 13
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We are talking about the features of iOS 13 here.

Powerful Performance

Apple had updated its iOS 12 last year, its Apple Devices performance was much more pronounced. So this time the company has launched its new iOS 13. The company says that this will make the performance of both new and old devices like the iPhone, iPad, more fast. The company has also expressed the confidence that unlocking speed of Face Eye will be faster by up to 30 percent by the new operating system. In this, the app will also be doubled fast.

Dark mode

The most special feature of the new iOS 13 is the Dark Mode. This feature was leaked even before the event. This feature will provide relief to those users who use Apple Devices in the night. After dark mode is activated, the screen will come in a black theme, which will not bring uncomfortness to the eye. Dark Mode is the first such party app that supports all types of notifications.

Apple has Launched New iOS 13
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New swiping keyboard

For Apple users, this time the company has added the swiping keyboard to the new operating system. This will be the default keyboard for iOS 13, i.e. the user will not need to install any kind of app. According to the company, it will also be very easy to use. In the previous operating system, swiping, swiping, swiping or gibbing had to be used for Swiping Keyboard.


In the iOS 13, the company has also included the Reminders app. There will be new options like New Today, Scheduled, Flagged, All, so that users can use them by looking at their convenience. These will all come with new look. Not only this, the reminder feature will come with AI. This feature will automatically arrange for its favorite reminder whenever the user sets any type of reminder. This will help users to open contact or remind them of the message.

Updated Apple Mail, Notes and Safari

Apple Mail, Notes and Cleanup for the user in Apple’s new iOS 13 has also been updated. The company says that Apple Mail will be able to open on desktops format on the phone. Cleanliness will give preference to many pre-websites. At the same time, the New Gallery will be found inside the notes, so that the user can see all his notes at once.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps will also get Apple Maps in this new operating system. The company says this app shows the land better so that the user gets a better view of the map. Right now this map has been started in some select cities and states. By the end of the year, it will show a full US map. At the same time, it will be used globally by 2020.


Apple Expert at the event told that privacy is an important part of the user, so now the user can give data of his location only once on the app. When the user is using the service, then he can stop it from being repeatedly pinged. The company also launched the ‘Sign in with Apple’ feature. It will be available for developers, so they will be able to login to apps and services. In this, the developers will be able to create a new account with Face ID. There will be no need to give any kind of personal information.

iMessage Profile Picture

In iOS 13, users will get the feature of sharing profile pictures and display names in Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger style. That means the user will be able to share his name and photo with other users in the message. With this, users will also be able to use Emoji in their profile fixtures. Emoji will be able to use it like iMessage stickers i.e. bitmoji. These stickers will be able to use packs as an app like mail or in a third-party app as well as custom emoji.

Find My Name

Apple has made a single app by merging Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps in the new operating system. The company named it Find My Name. The new app will place all the tracking related to Apple in one place This will collect all the information about your lost friends’ friends and family members in one place. With this, if any device is offline but it is being used in Bluetooth, then the app will be able to track it.

External Storage

In the new iOS 13, users will be able to import files from the SD card and USB flash drive for the first time. For this, the company has given the file app.

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