5 special features for whatsapp users in 2019

5 special features for WhatsApp users

Facebook’s proprietary messaging app whatsapp will soon add 5 new features this year. Connecting these features will give users different experiences of chatting in Whatsapp. These features of Whatsapp have been spotted in the first beta version. These features will be added to the app soon.

5 special features for WhatsApp users

A few months ago, biometric lock and group selection features have been added for iOS users in iOS. You can not add any group to any group without your consent in Group Selecting Factors. However, Android users of these features are still waiting. Today we are going to tell you about the exciting features of Whatsapp that have been spotted in beta and can be rolled out to all users soon.

Frequently Forwarded or Forwarding Info

This feature will be added to the app to control Fake News and Miss Information. This feature was rolled out for a beta version just a few months ago. It will be possible to know how often a message has been forwarded with the help of this feature. This will allow users to understand whether the message or post is being viral or not. The message which will be forwarded more than 4 times, the message will be listed in the name of the frequently forwarded message. In this way, users will be able to differentiate between viral messages and normal messages.

Product catalog

With the help of this feature of Whatsapp, small businessmen can showcase their product through direct app. With this feature, the businessman will be able to showcase his product in his Whatsapp profile. With this help, any other user will be able to extract the product information from the business profile and purchase the product. This feature of Whatsapp is being brought to promote business through the app.

Sticker Notification Preview

This feature will be Found in the Android 2.19.130 update. Through this feature, users will be able to see the preview of the Whatsapp sticker in the notification bar of their smartphone. For this, users must pull down the notification. This feature is already available for iOS users.

In-app browser

This feature is also spotted in the Android beta version 2.19.74. If you open a link through this feature, then it opens inside the app. There is no separate browser open for this. The history of the in-app browser will not be accessible in Whatsapp or Facebook.

dark mode

Waiting for this feature is a lot of time for WhatsApp users. This feature has already been brought in Facebook messenger update. This feature has been spotted in the beta version of Whatsapp. With the help of this feature, using the Whatsapp apparatus will not affect the eyes at night.
5 special features for WhatsApp users

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