TikTok company launches instant messaging app FEILIAO like Whatsapp

TikTok company launches instant messaging app Feiliao like Whatsapp

TikTok instant messaging app Feiliao like Whatsapp
TikTok’s parent company Bytedance has launched the Instant Messaging App to challenge Whatsapp. Last month, TikTok’s parent company Bytedance had to face many difficulties in India. In the matter of promoting objectionable content, the Madras High Court banned TikTok in India. However, the bay was later withdrawn. Apart from India, the company has also launched many apps in China. Bytedance has launched the Feiliao app just like the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp. This app is currently launched for Chinese users only.
Bytedance has launched Instant Messaging App “Feiliao as a rival” of  WeChat in China. Feiliao’s interface is slightly different than WhatsAppand WeChat. With the messaging app, it gives users the option to create a forum. Apart from this, you can share your daily life in the feed and interact with Friends through the forum.

In the Feiliao app you can also voice and video calls like WhatsApp. You can also chat with your close Friends Circle as you share the Daily Life Experience on the Forum. At the same time, you can also search for new friends according to your interests. You can also use the Feiliao app for payment. Alipay has been integrated into it so that you have to feed your personal data in order to use it.

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