How to use WhatsApp from landline numbers

How to use WhatsApp from landline numbers

How to use WhatsApp from landline numbers

Specific things:-

  • The most popular messaging app on WhatsApp today.
  • Many people can use private mobile numbers for WhatsApp.
  • Verification in the app is through SMS or call.

As before long because the electronic messaging app speaks, the name of the WhatsAppcomes initial. There is no doubt about its popularity in India. WhatsApp is usually within the phone of every different person, and individuals. most people use it to speak or video call with people of their identity. WhatsApp is not the only messaging-app in today’s date. It allows the user to make voice and video calls.
But to use this electronic messaging app you must have a device that supports WhatsApp, Internet and mobile number. But do you know that WhatsApp can be used by landline numbers too. If you want to keep your private number hidden then tell that WhatsApp can be run from the landline number.

Recently, WhatsApp launched its business app. By seeing this, this messaging platform has got a new dimension. The company has given the Business owners a safe way of communicating with its customers in a way. Together, it is also ensured that if you want small business owners, you can run your WhatsApp account with a landline number instead of a mobile number.
Many times it happens that businessmen use their personal mobile number only for business. After obtaining this facility, the businessman has taken the breath of life, who likes to use landline instead of a mobile number for the business. That is, you can now connect your landline number directly to the WhatsApp Business app.

How to use WhatsApp from landline numbers

1. First of all, install the WhatsApp Business app in your mobile phone. After this, open the app on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or device that supports WhatsApp.

2. Then the WhatsApp app will ask you to pick the country code. After this, you will be asked to insert a mobile number of 10 figures. Here you can also add your landline number.

3. Verification will be done via SMS or Automated call. Because you have used landline numbers. So the SMS will not come. But the app sends the first SMS only. After about 1 minute, the button to send or call the SMS again becomes active. Here you can choose the “Call Me” option.

4. As you select the call option, your landline number will get a call. This is an automatic voice call. In it you will be given a 6-digit verification code.

5. You have to add this verification code to the app. After this you will be setup on your WhatsApp account landline number. Here you can decide display picture and name like before.

How to use WhatsApp from landline numbers
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