Google Pay will now help you to find a job

Google Pay will now help you to find a job

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In Google for India, organized recently, the company has introduced many features including voice assistance query in Hindi, making its platform friendly for Indian users. The company spoke about the dominance of Hindi and the use of Google products by Indian users in this event. At present, the number of Internet users in India is seeing the highest growth. In addition to Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, the number of Internet and smartphone users is also increasing in Tier 3 cities.

Google For India In this fifth annual event, the company has announced the addition of an entry-level Job Search feature option in the payment service app Google Pay. Through this feature, users will now be able to search jobs through Google Pay as well. Let us know that Google Job Search features have been launched long back. Now this feature will be integrated with Google Pay. The Google Job Search feature tells you about the option of jobs that are for you


After integrating this feature in Google Pay, users will be able to search any part time or full time entry level job from here. Google stated that this feature can only be used to search basic jobs. Also, users will be able to search part time jobs through it. For this, Google has partnered with many companies. This feature will be added as an option in the Google Pay app, in which users will be able to create their own profiles. Along with their education, users will be able to write experience in their profile. After this, users will be able to download it as their CV.

This feature will be enabled by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Google Pay, which will provide job options according to your interest. Apart from this, it will also give you recommendation, which will help you in searching and applying for jobs. The company has partnered with Skill India for this.

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