Xiaomi LED make-up mirror, will glow like daylight

Xiaomi LED make-up mirror, will glow like daylight

Xiaomi LED make-up mirror
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Xiaomi has expanded its product portfolio from smartphones to smart home products. The company’s portfolio has now added a new product, which is an LED packing makeup mirror. This Mirror has been prepared by Shenzhen U Life Smart Company Limited, which also offers the After Sale service.

There are currently many make-up mirrors in the market, but the new mirror comes with touchscreen control. The company claims that the LED is capable of delivering up to 95% brightness equal to daylight. A 6.7-inch high-definition silver plated mirror has been used in the xiaomi LED make-up mirror, which gives high reflection performance.

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This glass will give clear, bright and better reflection without extra color or distortion. The LED lamps have been used around this mirror, with three ways (Low, Medium and High) brightness level. The biggest feature of the mirror is its touch sensitive switch, through which its brightness can be adjusted.

There will also be no need to replace the LED lamp attached and neither its light will cause any damage to the eyes. 2000mAh battery is provided in the LED make-up mirror, which can be recharged. Its charging cable is given in the mirror base, due to which it can be easily separated and taken anywhere.

In China, its price has been kept at 149 yuan (about Rs 1,484) and currently there is no information about its availability. Whether or not it will be launched in other countries of the world including India, at present, the company has not made any announcement regarding this.

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