Boat Stone 700A Review: Smart Speaker with Excellent Audio Quality

Boat Stone 700A Review: Smart Speaker with Excellent Audio Quality

Boat Stone 700A

There is a huge demand for wireless speakers in the budget speaker segment nowadays. Or say that wireless products are very demanded nowadays, whether headphone or speaker. But one step forward in the trend is smart connectivity features, and in this list India names smart speakers of companies like Amazon and Google. They run on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, respectively. There are some companies in the market that support Amazon Alexa with their audio devices.

Smartphone speakers are offered in the budget segment by Amazon and Google, they are not wireless. Meanwhile Boat had introduced his wireless speaker Boat Stone 700A shortly before. It features in-built Alexa with the features of wireless Bluetooth speakers. In this case, this speaker can be run via voice command. We have used this speaker for a long time and now we are going to tell its long-term review. The company launched it at Rs 3,199. However, it is now being sold at Rs 3,990.

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Design, Build Quality and Specifications:

Boat Stone 700A is an upgraded version of Boat Stone 700. Its look is quite premium and the quality is quite rugged. Overall is made of body metal and coating of rubber on top and bottom has been given. The buttons on the top panel are present. These buttons have power on-off, Bluetooth / Alexa buttons, call cut / receiver and volume rockers. On the left panel there is an OX in and DC socket.

Talk about its weight, it is quite light and in size it is too small. In such a way it can be easily carries. The company has described it as an IPX6 rating. That is, it can be used comfortably in the swimming pool and also shock proof. Talking about the rest of the specifications, it has two full range drivers of 1.75-inch, and the total power output of this speaker is 10W RMS, which is better than this price range. This is a stereo speaker, although the drawers are not kept so long that you can seperate separation. Both drivers are front faces.

Bluetooth version 4.2 is provided for connectivity. From this, the speaker can be operated from a distance of 10 meters. The battery contained in it is 2000mAh, it takes about 3 hours to fully charge it.

Overall Performance:

First of all I would like to appreciate the rugged quality of this speaker. Speaking of sound quality, its quality surprised us by the price range. Mid, High, and Low Notes are all three best prices. Especially the mids are quite sharp and clean. In the matter of audio quality, I would like to add that you will not get too much loud or low notes. But you will be happy with what you get. You will definitely miss the rest 360 degree sound and surround sound. For more loud audio quality you can use F & D W19 in this price range, you will also find these built FM radio. For over quality audio quality, let me tell you that higher priced speakers perform better than this, including JBL speakers.

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Talk about the Amazon Alexa Integrity, which is one of its main features, let me tell you here: The speaker does not work like a standalone smart speaker like Google Home or Amazon Echo. Although it has a dedicated button, you have to press and Alex will also have to give voice command. For this you need to download the free app and download it via the Amazon Alexa account. After this the speakers can press the button and give commands.

To give commands to Alexa, remember this thing that the Alexa app in the connected smartphone is always on the background because the speaker will work with the help of the app itself. That is, in general, you have to turn on Alexa App of the phone to run Alexa every time. After connecting, it runs smoothly. Also, let us tell you that there are also microphones for call cut and reception.

Apart from this, if you talk about the Bluetooth connectivity range then you will not get a connectivity range of 10 meters and once you connect to the phone, there will be no complaints about auto connectivity. However it could be given a USB port and memory card slot for additional connectivity. We’ve used it with OnePlus 7 Pro and we did not face any problem in it. Talk about the battery, you can run it for about 7 hours after full charge.


It’s a rugged and well-lit audio clerk, where Amazon also receives support. In such a way, this budget is a wireless smart speaker. Although Alexa can not be used as a stand-alone speaker. Still, according to its price, there is everything in this speaker. In such a situation, the customer can invest money without hesitation. One thing is definitely that it could be tried for 360 degree sound quality. The rest are good enough speakers to buy in this budget.

Rating – 8.5 / 10

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