‘Best’ wireless earphones up to Rs 3,000

‘Best’ wireless earphones up to Rs 3,000

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The speed at which the smartphone world has changed in today’s new era, the change in earphone / headset has also changed. The first industry gave the solution to the problem of earphone conflicts as a tangle-free earphone. But soon the tech lover has realized that handling the wire is also a ‘old fashion’. Then the large-sized wireless headphones in the market grabbed and the large wireless headphones were seen on the heads of every visitor.

Those who prefer the heavy wireless headphones again started exploring their options. Some complained that they needed better quality but the size was small and the weight was light. In such a case, the wireless earphone’s choice came out. They are small and light in size. Carrying them is far more convenient than the heavy headphones. Nowadays, there are powerful batteries available in the market, excellent sound quality and easy-to-carry earphones.

You do not have to spend too much for them. They can also be benefited by staying in their budget. Today we are telling you,the wireless headphones coming within the price of Rs 3,000, Their popularity in the market is sustained and they are especially known for their superb quality:

‘Best’ wireless earphones up to Rs 3,000

jbl e25bt

JBL is particularly known in terms of giving sound quality within the budget. You may like the quality of JBL’s signature sound wireless in-ear earphone. It can be bought at Amazon India for Rs 2,799jbl e25bt is capable of delivering 8 hours of wireless audio once it is charging. The option to switch between the device remains in it A 3-button universal remote comes with it. Pouches and neck clips will come with it to carry, which makes it very convenient to carry. If you buy it in Blue and Red Color variants then you will have to pay more than 200 rupees.

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mivi thunder beats

The price of mivi thunder beats Wireless Bluetooth earphones is Rs 2,999. With Powerful High and Clear Loose this earphone will give you a different experience of audio. They can be kept easily placed in the neck while not in use. Inline Remote 3 button will help you control the call, volume. The 1 year warranty is also given to the user. It comes in the Bluetooth connection range from 30 feet. Together 2 devices can be connected in it.

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soundmagic e10bt

soundmagic e10bt Upgrade to BT Wireless Earphone, E10C It has 24 bit high fidelity audio, which gives controlled base and clear sound quality. In these earphones, Bluetooth is V 4.1, which gives continuous playback of 10-12 hours. There is a 3-button controller, which can be used to change the volume, start-stop and track. However, these out of stock are showing on headphonezone.in. But if you are available anywhere, please tell us in the comments.
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sony wi c300

The sony wi c300 is priced at Rs 2,268. These are wireless neckband earphones that support Bluetooth and NFC. The user will get 8 hours of battery life. Inline mike is also given for hands free calling. This earphone becomes more convenient with the help of Google Assistant. It is possible to use easy, easy to play, pause buttons.

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1more ibfree

Talking about Onemore IB Free, the e-commerce site, Amazon India, has a price of Rs 3,099. It is lightweight in weight terms. With the promise of Bluetooth, it has been promised a better sound quality. Earphone is water resistant and has alloy body used in it. There are in-line remote controls that support Apple iOS and Android. Along with a clear phone call, it controls the unnecessary sound of the background.

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