Best Ads Network for Publisher

Best Ads Network for Publisher

Best Ads Network for Publisher

Google Adsense

1) Google Adsense:- Good Adsense has a Big Name in Advertising Market with 79.4% advertising network market share.
Google is a big Name hence TrustWorthy .
Google Adsense has 3 methods of payment – CPM ,CPA and CPC .
easy to set up.
Google Adsense is good for a niche blog.Since you can earn more with more specified ads.
To open a Google Adsense Account in India and china is a Tough Task,they don,t give easy approvels
Google Adsense have a strict terms and conditions
Minimum Payment Threshold is 100$ on monthly Basis.

2) AdBrite:- Adbrite is considered as one of closest alternatives to Google Adsense.
Best Option when you don’t have an Adsense account.
AdBrite have a dynamic Pricing.
AdBrite ads Network deals in CPM,PPC,CPC with types of Full page ads, banners,in-text links and lot more.
Very Accepting for new and small Publishers .
Adbrite Ads and Google Ads works on a same page .
Minimum payment Threshold is 5$ .

3) Chitika: Chitika Has Gained over the Ad Market in a short period and is considered another top alternatives of Google Adsense today.
Chitika ads Network deals in CPC,PPC,CPM and Pay Per Call for Mobile Ads .
Chitika is a search targetted based Ads Network ,not contextual
pretty affordable payments advertising rates and revenue: Low $0.02-$0.06, Average $0.30 to $0.60, Highest $3.

it has both Paypal and check.Minimum Payment Threshold balance for Paypal is $10 ,and for check is $50.

4)BidVertiser:- Bidvertiser is an another Popular Ads Network in market.
Bidvertiser has Bid Per Click ad sales model i.e sell your ads space to to the highest bidding advertisers.
Bidvertiser is a CPC,PPC,CPA based Ads Network with Ads types of Banners,Inline Ads,Skyscrapers,Buttons,Customized Toolbars.
Bidvertizer has many options for payment .Minimum of $100.00 by check or $10.00 by PayPal or wire transfer.

5)InfoLinks: Infolinks are highly useful ad program.
InfoLinks is a best Ads Network for In-Text Ads Type.
Google Adsense and Infolinks In-Text works together on a same Page.

6)Clicksor:- clicksor is Canada-based ad network which get its Advertisers from Canada, UK and US only
Good for blog with High Traffic from US ,Uk or Canada
Clicksor have 2 Requirement for site approval .They are 5,000 page views per day and at least 50% of website/blog traffic have to comes from Canada, UK or US.
Different ads Types for publishers which include Clicksor In-Text Ads,Text Ads Banners,Graphical Banner,Pop-Unders Clicksor,Interstitial Ads and Search Box.

Best Ads Network for Publisher.

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