5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins are:-

WordPress Membership Plugins


Digital Access Pass
WishList Member
Magic Members


Why its number one?. Because it’s Free but still Very Powerful.S2member is actively developed and bugs are fixed.S2memver has a great member management capability and has a lot of features like integrated payment processing with PayPal,Authorize.Net, ClickBank, Google Checkout, AliPay, and ccBill, One-Time-Offers, coupon codes for PayPal and Authorize.Net and content protection using restricted access by IP. It has a Pro version which adds a lot of other functionality to free versions by extending it. You can protect all of your posts, pages, categories, and tags by specifying “all” for protection options.

2)Digital Access Pass(DAP)  :-

DAP is best if you count the number of features with a strong developer community behind it. its features include a robust email module, affiliates management module, and content dripping capabilities.DAP offers many member management features like synchronizing WordPress users with DAP members, bulk import and export and ability to edit user profiles along with all set of basic features. In DAP, each DAP member can be assigned to a product or products. Each Product is a collection of Protected Posts.DAP supports coupon codes, Processing of Cancellations and Refunds, Gradual Content Delivery and ways of Protecting content.

3)WishList Member

WishList Member is The Most popular membership plugins in the WordPress community with thousands of satisfied customers. Since being very old, This Plugin is very well documented with PDF’s.WishList Member supports payment processors of PayPal, ClickBank, Cydec, Infusionsoft, Premium Web Cart, QuickPayPro, Red Oak Cart, and UltraCart.it has all advanced Features like Processing of Cancellations and Refunds, nice content protection features for posts, pages, comments, categories, files protection, and gradual content delivery system.


eMember is a lightweight membership plugin that works smoothly for high Traffic Blogs. when it comes to payment processing, eMember only works with PayPal Standard.it has all standard features like Processing of Cancellations and Refunds, Content Protection Features and Gradual Content Delivery.

5)Magic Members

Magic Members has recently developed membership plugins but carry all features of a mature plugin. Magic Members support a wide variety of payment gateways which include AlertPay, Authorize.Net, CCBill, ClickBank, Epoch, iDeal, eWay AU, MoneyBookers, Ogone, PayPal (Standard, Express, and Website Payments Pro), Sage Pay, and WorldPay.Magic Members has full support for coupon codes

5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins

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