Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress Blogging Platform is best because of its wide Repository of Plugins. Literally, whatever you can imagine doing with your blog, WordPress big repository must have a plugin to achieve your functionality. Plugins can change the whole face of WordPress software.
Whether you want to make a membership website out of WordPress or a forum, They are great and free plugins for it.

Here is a list of best WordPress Plugins 2019

1)W3 Total Cache  -W3 Total cache plugin is best WordPress Optimization Plugin trusted by biggies like mattcutts, mashable, smashing magazine and make use of. It makes your Blog 10 times Faster. It does it by Caching every aspect of your blog. Another Thing it does is Minification and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and feeds which can save you a lot of bandwidth. So if you are an owner of the High Traffic blog, this Plugin is a must.

2)WordPress SEO by Yoast – WordPress SEO  is The Best SEO Plugin in 2019. It has tons of features ranging from most essential ones like add meta keywords, description, the title for pages, posts, category pages and home pages to technical WordPress SEO. It even shows you a preview of how Google will show your page with certain meta titles and descriptions, which ultimately inspire you to write better content. It can do page analysis and tells you whether your page has poor, ok, good or very good SEO.So that you can customize it to become the most SEO friendly.

3)Gravity Forms – Gravity forms are the Best Plugin to do anything with forms. It is the all-in-one form helps you to quickly build and design forms. It gives you complete control over fields to choose, Conditional logic to apply, making order forms with Paypal add-ons, customization, styles, and Layouts are .in short Whatever your requirement is, it has a thing for you.

4)WP-DBManager  -As the Name says its The best Database manager your WordPress software can get. It has all Basic features .you can optimize, repair, backup and restore database with it. It allows you to delete backup database, drop/empty tables, run selected queries and scheduled backing, optimizing of database.

5)Digg Social Sharing:– This Plugin is the easiest way to put the social element to your blog. It allows you to add floating social buttons from all popular social networking sites with a full level of customization in looks and positions. It has a feature to allow lazy loading of these social buttons to increase blog performance.

6)Feedburner Circulation:– Feedburner Plugin shows the subscriber count on the top right corner of the page. Your count is Your rating and has a good impact on your visitor. It does not make any API calls, just one in an hour and in between it shows a cached result.

7)Thank Me Later: -Thank Me Plugins rating 4.8 0f 5 tells all about its popularity in the WordPress world. It sends a Thank you Email to all who comments on your blog and increases the chance of their coming back again.

8)MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja:-If you are trying to monetize your blog by affiliate marketing then this plugin is a gem for you. It does easy affiliate link management. It identifies affiliate-related Keywords and converts them to affiliate links. Now you don’t have to do that manually. You can set a limit on it too which prevent your post from looking like spam.

9)Widget Context-With this Plugin you can have different sidebars for different pages and posts. It let you choose a particular sidebar for certain posts, front page, category or tag pages.

10)Akismet – Akismet is the 6th Most Popular plugin in WordPress repository as in 2019. If you are sick of people and robots who spam your blog with spam comments, you do not have to worry now Because Akismet will take care of it. Akismet Plugin looks at each comment and decides whether its spam or not. It Takes away a lot of pain of Blog moderation.

Best WordPress Plugins

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